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Smartycam GP HD 84 Degree Motorsport Bullet Camera




The Smartycam GP HD 84 Degree Motorsport Bullet Camera is a professional on-board racing camera with data overlay with remote bullet-cam. The Same video quality as the HD with the same connections to Master Loggers in fact all the same features but a completely different look. It is in black anodized aluminum, billet machined with a light, robust, and really small Bullet-Camera.

The Smartycam GP HD 84 Degree Wide angle Motorsport Bullet Camera  bridges the gap between high-resolution video and on-screen data in one revolutionary package designed specifically for motorsports. From conception, our goal with SmartyCam GP HD was to create a truly visual data tool that would provide stunning video quality with integrated on-screen feedback to ultimately make you go faster on the racetrack. In order to do that, we went back to a clean-sheet and started from the beginning.